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Created and run by students, for students, our College Instagram page promotes safe, fun social interactions and peer support. Open to all Werribee Secondary College students (only), it offers social connection, study groups, competitions and live well being sessions.


We value our students experiences and encourage positivity and connectedness through student voice and agency. Student voice is not simply about the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it is about students having the power to influence change. Authentic student voice provides opportunities for students to collaborate and make decisions with adults around what and how they learn and how their learning is assessed. Agency gives students the power to direct and take responsibility for their learning, creating independent and self-regulating learners.
Our Student Leadership Team consists of 2 School Captains, 16 House Captains and 48 Year 11, 10 and 8 House Vice-Captains. The team takes responsibility for the operation of the Houses and plays a key role in the organisation of special events including House Weeks, Swimming and Athletic Sports Carnivals. However, student leadership is not confined to this group as leadership potential is inherent within all learners and includes listening to and being able to clarify the issues of the students they represent and advocating on their behalf. Student leaders have an increased sense of responsibility to help others and to model leadership principles and values.


Mikhail Montilla

Mikhail Montilla

College Captain

I am humbled to be given the opportunity to become College Captain for 2021, my goal with the help of the leadership team is to lead and support the whole of the College student community as well and consistently strive to make positive changes that would help the future of Werribee Secondary College for students individually and as a whole student community. I feel like the voices of students to be heard can definitely help in creating a more inviting atmosphere within the school, this could certainly be accomplished with the student body being more engaging and familiarising themselves with each other. The Captains and I will personally organise various activities that will eventually allow the student cohort to create a stronger connection which would evidently make everyone feel more welcomed and comfortable. My passion for studying and playing sports is what helps me continue being relaxed and happy throughout the day. Like for many other people with their own different hobbies, this is something that I enjoy undertaking on a daily basis. I hope that this year will be memorable for not only the students, but for the teachers too. The sense of belonging is something I also want to achieve within the school, where I believe 2021 is the year to achieve this.

Simoné Nienaber

Simoné Nienaber

College Captain

Hey there! I’m Simoné Nienaber and I am one of your captains for 2021! I am an absolute lover of food and coffee, it’s usually all that’s on my mind. Our main goals for 2021 include increasing connectedness, making a comfortable learning environment and making student wellbeing one of our main priorities. I’ve never seen myself as extremely professional or perfectly put together and I’m not afraid to show that through my time as a captain! We’re all human and my pathway as a leader is going to be one where I’m flawed and happy to represent that. The other captains and I are so excited for this upcoming year; we will personally be organising various activities in order to allow everyone to feel welcome and relaxed. Student voice is really important to not only me but the rest of our team so give us all you’ve got!

Ihsan Imran
Ihsan Imran

Vice Captain

Hi! My name is Ihsan Imran and I am one of the vice-captains for 2021. I am grateful for this incredible opportunity and responsibility. Our main priorities include to first, increase student well-being and connectedness especially in our current circumstances which has been proven vital in the past few months and second, to increase academic success and interest of our students in their education. Of course, that’s why we are at school; to learn and have fun while we at it! Presently to combat our lack of direct contact, continuing on from our previous college captains of 2021 we have the WSC Community page on Instagram that seeks to bring students together and increase our connectedness.
 So, a bit about myself, some of my interests outside school includes playing soccer and sometimes tennis! I am excited to see what we can accomplish together in a year. Let us know if you have any suggestions. As college vice-captain I am looking forward to helping being part of the positive change in our school. I’ll end with this phrase: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I guess I will be seeing you around then!

Liz Sanhtwe
Liz Sanhtwe

Vice Captain

Hi everyone! My name is Liz Sanhtwe and I’m proud to be one of your Vice Captains for 2021. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with the college captains to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students. As representatives of the student body, we all collectively prioritise the wellbeing and interests of students in order to create a strong and connected community. My aim is to encourage students to be kinder and more compassionate towards themselves and others through the use of many different platforms and whole school events, as I believe this is vital in creating a community where students feel supported rather than obligated to attend. I also wish to implement more activities to celebrate the diversity and rich culture in our school to achieve a more accepting environment. As for my personal interests, I enjoy reading novels, watching anime and baking in my free time. I also love to make friends and talk to new people so please don’t hesitate to approach me!

Student Clubs


Learn and practice chess strategies. Play socially or competitively with inter-school event opportunities.
Room 44. Lunchtimes.


For lovers of all things manga.
Every Wednesday lunchtime.
A club run by students for students.
Contact: Liz Sanhtwe


A group for lovers of KPop.
Every Wednesday lunchtime.
New members always welcome.
Teacher: Mr Kwok
President: Sam Nguyen


Student tutors assisting their year 7-10 peers with mathematics homework and concepts. Monday & Wednesday Lunchtimes | Room N4
Contact: Ms Corcaci


Visit the library on Tuesday lunchtimes for Crafty Tuesdays (new projects each week), or Thursday’s for a quiet reading zone (bring your lunch & book and read without distraction).
To join see the library staff


To learn more about our variety of co-curricular activities including Cadets, Music, Drama, Sports, Cafe Club & Debating please visit the Curriculum & Programs page



The WSC Parents & Friends Committee is a group of dedicated volunteer parents/guardians, former parents and former students of Werribee Secondary College/ Werribee High School who wish to be actively involved in the College community. We meet to determine the needs and promote the interests of the school and to create a point of connection bringing parents, College Council, citizens, students and staff.


The WSC Parents and Friends Committee plays an important role in our school community. We meet with the College Principal on the second Tuesday of every month at 6.00 pm, during school terms, in the College’s Conference Room (or online) to learn about current school issues and discuss matters that we feel may benefit our school. The Parents and Friends meetings provide an informal forum to voice opinions, express views and ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback on behalf of all school parents/guardians. Parents and Friends members learn firsthand about the implementation of new programs, policies and changes whilst actively engaging with other parents and members of the school community


Fundraising is one of our primary focuses.  Over the years we have purchased a diverse range of school equipment to benefit students. 
Past purchases include:

  • football and basketball uniforms
  • sporting equipment
  • air-conditioning units
  • industrial ovens
  • garden greenhouses
  • class sets of books, calculators and microscopes

We also sponsor annual awards at the College’s presentation evening.

Our major fundraiser is second-hand uniform sales. Parents and Friends have established a permanent second-hand uniform shop at the college to assist parents with either buying uniform at a reduced price or selling quality uniform items their child/children have outgrown. Parents and Friends members also attend and support special school events. You may have met some of members at one of our welcoming morning teas when your child/children first commenced at the College.


If you are interested in becoming a more active member of the school community and wish to join the Parents and Friends Committee, please feel free to attend our next committee meeting or contact us below. We look forward to meeting you and welcome any feedback you may have regarding the Parent and Friends.


Our College is located in Duncans Road, Werribee, a 30-minute drive from the Melbourne and Geelong central business districts; the Werribee Metro Railway Station is located just 10 minutes away by foot.

For further information about Werribee Secondary College, please refer to the Our College section of this website or phone (03) 9741 1822

Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our school actively promotes the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment in accordance with their legal obligations including the Child Safe Standards. The College’s Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct are available on this website.


Werribee Secondary College is a proud international school, consistently providing the highest standards of excellence and engagement in learning in a diverse and supportive environment.
Our Policies | Child Safe School


8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

(+613) 9741 1822
45 Duncans Road, Werribee

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