Learning From Home | May-June 2021


Year 7-10 students to return to on-site schooling on Friday 11th June 2021.
Masks must be worn (please wear them correctly which includes covering the nose).
Learning from home will cease on this date.

It is an expectation all students return to school on this date (unless unwell or in isolation with a medical certificate to be provided).
If you have an individual or medical circumstance preventing your return, please speak with your Year Level Coordinator ASAP.

A reminder that Monday 14th June is a public holiday (no school this day), so please speak with your teachers and/or take home any books on Friday if you need to use this day to catch up.


Dear students, parents and staff,

The following information is based upon the most recent updates from the Department of Education and their application to our college. The following maybe subject to change on the release of new guidelines:
Year 11 and 12 students are to return to school on Friday 4th June. VCAL students are to attend if they have scheduled classes.
Year 7-10 will continue learning from home until notified.

Friday 4th June:

  • Year 12 VCE students will do an English exam during periods 1-3. They will remain at school for normal period 4-6 classes.
  • Year 11 VCE students will go to normal classes during period 1-4 and complete an English exam during period 5 and 6.
  • IB students in both years 11 and 12 will have exams all day. Please be prepared for the exams that were originally scheduled for Friday. Thursdays exams (tomorrows) will now run on Tuesday next week.
  • VCAL year 11 students will attend school.
  • VCAL year 12 students remain at home. Structured workplace is not running this week.

As of Monday 7th June:

  • Monday to Thursday all Year 11 and 12 students are expected to be onsite and will follow their normal timetable on Compass.
  • Only Year 11 and 12 teaching staff will be onsite at the college.
  • IB exams will run Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday’s exams will be the ones that were scheduled for Thursday 3rd June.
  • All year 7-10 students are to continue learning from home.
  • All year 8-10 exams have been removed from the calendar.  Exams can be done in class for feedback purposes only.   Exam results will be excluded from the reports.
  • Year 10 course counselling will move to online on Tuesday June 8th
  • The canteen will be open

I will keep the community up to date as changes arise.  Thank you for your patience and commitment to learning.
Amanda Mullins

As of midnight on 27th May 2021, Victoria is in a ‘circuit breaker’ lock down. This includes schools.


Please do not attend the school in-person during learning from home time unless authorized.
Supervision is available for children of essential workers or where it may be unsafe or unsuitable to remain at home during school hours.
If requiring this service, please complete and return the below on-site supervision form to Principal, Ms Amanda Mullins, in advance.
Please note that students attending for on-site supervision will not receive extra tuition, and are expected to arrive with the required equipment to complete their online learning for the day. Face masks must be worn.

Lessons will be added to Compass from Monday 31st.
There will be some lessons where students are required to use WebEx.
It is really important to keep our routines and it is an expectation that all students log on to their Compass every morning and complete the necessary work for every lesson.
Please refer to the learning from home handbook (available at the top of this page) for further instructions.

During learning from home, students must log their attendance between 8:30am to 12pm, using the event on their Compass schedule (by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code).
If you have difficulty accessing the link please contact your sub-school administrator on 9741 1822 or via email.
Junior School: Ms. Morrison- Years 7 & 8
Middle School: Ms. Wearmouth- Years 9 & 10
Senior School: Ms. Kenneday-Years 11 & 12
Please use the Compass web browser version. Refer to the learning from home handbook (available at the top of this page) for further instructions.

We understand this can be a challenging time. Students requiring support are encouraged to reach out to a member of the Wellbeing team, a Principal, or a trusted teacher.
There are also many helplines available to assist students, families and staff such as Lifeline 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 – Further details can be found here.

Students requiring IT assistance during this time please contact:
Via email: ITS@staff.werribeesc.vic.edu.au
Helpdesk: http://helpdesk.werribeesc.vic.edu.au
(login to helpdesk with your school ID and Password – same one as Compass)

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