UPDATE – 17/2/21

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

As announced today, the Victorian lockdown will end at midnight tonight (Wed 17th Feb), meaning school will resume back on-site tomorrow (Thurs 18th Feb).

We thank you all for your cooperation and patience during learning from home and for following the attendance process.

As we return to school, face masks are mandatory and must be worn.

We ask that students bring/wear their own masks. If you have enough to keep a spare in your bag as a back-up in case yours breaks, is lost or soiled throughout the day that would be a good idea. We appreciate everyone’s help in providing their own where they can. We can still provide spares to anyone who does not have access to one.

Students, please remember to practice all the Covid safety measures you have learned including regularly washing and sanitizing hands, not sharing food and drinks and distancing when you can. Students should stay home from school if they are unwell or exhibiting cold/flu like symptoms.

I look forward to seeing you in the morning.

Stay healthy,

Amanda Mullins



As announced on Friday 12th February 2021, Victoria has entered a Stage 4 Lockdown until midnight on Wednesday 17th February*.
Learning from home is in place for all Victorian students from Monday 15th February until end of day Wednesday 17th February.

Below is the information students need to for learning from home and marking their attendance.
(VET Classes are not running this week due to the lockdown.)
Please refer to Compass for the most current updates, the information below will also be updated following any changes.


Please find the below 2021 Learning from Home – Student Handbook

This explains how you can do the following: 
* Access your teacher’s lesson plan on Compass
* Attendance Expectations
* Submission of work through Compass

Although at this point, teachers will not conduct WebEx lessons, this guide includes information such as how to join WebEx during a “WebEx questions session”. This guide along with the previously emailed attendance Information can be accessed via the “School Documents” tab under the pencil icon on your Compass dashboard. Select the “Learning from Home” folder. Please contact the school should you need further assistance.


On each day of Learning from Home, you must access the Daily Attendance page (between 8:30 am and 12:00pm).
This can be done by clicking on the “green” event on the top of your Compass timetable. 
The below PDF guide shows in detail how to do this. 
**Please note that marking attendance will not work via the ‘app’ , you must use the browser version**

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the following staff: 
Junior School- Ms. Michelle Vincent (Years 7 and 8)
Middle School- Ms. Pauline Wearmouth (Years 9 and 10). 
Senior School- Ms. Grace Kenneday (Years 11 and 12). 


Dear students, parents and carers,
Students are to log into Compass tomorrow morning prior to period 1.  Teachers will have work on Compass that is expected to be complete.  Whilst we are away from school for three days at this stage, teachers will not be running WebEx lessons.  They will need time to put all the lessons on Compass.
The only exemption to this is Unit 3 and 4 classes where a teacher can use WeBex to answer student questions, however a formal lesson is not possible.
Please click on your attendance on Compass before you start your work in the morning.
My wish is to see you all on Thursday at school.


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