Smiling Mind ‘Feeling It’

Students, the final years of school can be a challenging roller coaster of feelings to navigate.
Don’t forget to reach out to your teachers, coordinators and wellbeing team if you are struggling or need extra support.
We are here for you.

The smiling mind group have created videos, meditations and activities to help our senior students through this difficult time. Click on the link to access more details

You can download the smiling mind app onto your phone and listen to the ‘Feeling It’ mindfulness program for when you need to take a break and refocus. You’ll find it under Youth Programs.

Some strategies to help during the exam period and for the rest of your life can be found in the tip sheets below (click to enlarge).

Tip 1 : Self-care strategies

Tip 2: Respecting your vibe

Tip 3: Create your oasis for study success

Tip 4: The lion mind- becoming present

Tip 5: Quiet that inner critic, create an inner mentor!

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